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Our Services

Angelica Henry Design offers comprehensive design services ranging from preliminary design to accessorizing upon completion tailored to your specific project needs. Integrity, trust, and communication will be the key factors in working with the homeowner and entire design team while considering aesthetics, lifestyle, budget and timeline. We consider ourselves an advocate for the homeowner throughout each project, which requires a relentless dedication to excellence from the day the project starts. Our commitment is to deliver exceptional customer service whether conceptualizing the overall picture or considering the smallest of details. Our work has taken us to numerous locations throughout Arizona as well as Hawaii, Texas, California, Michigan, North Carolina, Tennessee and Cabo San Lucas.

We take pride in collaborating with a team of professionals in every project we undertake. It takes the dedication of that entire team to bring a vision to life, to solve challenges, to push each other to shine. Every member of the design and construction team are a crucial element to the success of the project.

Scope of services

From completely new construction and furnishings to a full home remodel to a singular Powder Room we can tailor or services to suit your specific project needs.

Initial Consultation

This initial meeting might take place at your home, jobsite or our offices depending on the scope of the project. We will discuss scope of work, timeline, budget and overall project goals.

Preliminary Design

During this phase, client parameters are thoroughly defined to ensure that they are integrated throughout the project. For example, is durability imperative to accommodate pets or young children? Does someone in the house love to cook and needs a gourmet kitchen? Is there an art collection that needs to be displayed and highlighted with perfect lighting? It is imperative to define the key factors of a project at this point in order to ensure a successful outcome.

Space planning

Each room is analyzed with the client for function in addition to important traffic patterns. Furniture layouts are generated to ensure that each room will fulfill the clients” needs and expectations for each respective space.

Design Development

Lifestyle, tastes, budget and timeline are brought together in order to create an environment that is tailored specifically to each client. Hard surfaces, cabinetry, wall finishes, plumbing fixtures, and other items are selected throughout to achieve a cohesive look. Lighting to enhance all of these features will also be considered with lighting specialists.

Finish Specifications

Extensive documentation is crucial to the success of any project regardless of the size. Detailed written specifications and design drawings are assembled in a binder for each project, and a copy is given to the client and builder for reference. Updates are made throughout the duration of the project to ensure the entire team is working from the same information.

Furnishings, including furniture procurement and installation

Furniture, area rugs and decorative window treatments are selected to accommodate function, taste and budget. In addition, custom pieces are often incorporated into the space to enhance the unique personality of each client. We can also assist with placement and delivery of pieces into the home.

Artwork & Accessories

Artwork, linens, dishes and other accoutrements add the finishing touches of any project. These services can save a great deal of time, especially for homeowners with a primary residence out of state that are trying to get a second home ready for family and entertaining. All that is left to do is move in and enjoy.